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Government reveals points-based immigration system

19th February 2020

The Government has revealed its plans to control non-UK workers entering Britain for work and it intends to close borders to unskilled workers and those who can’t speak English.


The plans announced today are part of a comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws that will end the era of cheap EU labour on construction sites and in other industries.

In revealing the Australian style system, the Government has said that it intends to take ‘full control’ of British borders and stop the ‘distortion’ it claims has been caused by EU freedom of movement.

Commenting on the announcement from the Home Office regarding the proposed immigration system, Chief Executive of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), Brian Berry, said: “If we are to have an infrastructure revolution and build a million new homes over the next five years, we will need to have an immigration system that allows for key construction workers of all skill levels to come UK. of all skill levels. Today’s announcement that there will no longer be a route for “low skill” workers to come to the U.K. after next year will hamper the construction industry’s capacity to deliver on key projects.”

He added: “We will need general labourers as much as architects or surveyors. They are a core part of the construction industry and it’s simply unrealistic to assume the domestic workforce will fill this gap in the next nine months.”

The Government insists that businesses will need to adapt to the next way of working which will mean investing in developing home grown skills, making every effort to retain workers and investing in technology to improve productivity.


Source: Spector magazine