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Accommodation for construction workers website launched by Build UK and UK Hospitality

5th May 2020

Build UK and UK Hospitality, the trade association that represents hotel operators, are joining forces. The partnership is helping contractors away from home find local accommodation.

Build UK said: “We have teamed up with trade body UK Hospitality, which has confirmed that during the lockdown its members are able to provide accommodation for workers unable to return home.”

Anyone looking for a bed for the night can now use the Open Doors website to find accommodation providers who have space for construction workers.

The website is live and Build UK confirm the project is still working progress.

Build UK says: “If your site requires accommodation and none is shown locally, please send Build UK the site postcode or location as we can add providers where there is demand.”

CLICK HERE to visit the website and find accommodation for construction workers.

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SOURCE: Spector magazine