Current Vacancies

How we work

  1. Screening of candidates
    CRC rigorously screens each candidate verifying identity, right to work, licences, qualifications, work history and taking up of references. Only when we are satisfied that a candidate has the appropriate qualifications, skills and overall competencies to undertake assignments correctly for our clients will they be included on our ‘live’ bespoke database. In addition, CRC can facilitate DBS and security clearances as required.
  2. Dedicated account management / resource team
    An experienced CRC account manager will be appointed to act as the primary contact who will liaise with clients, candidates and the CRC administration and payroll team. Regular, structured communication with our contractors through regular site visits is a key component of our company policy. This helps to ensure contractor satisfaction, confidence and productivity. Any concerns or issues that may arise will be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.Alongside our advanced management systems, CRC employs specialist compliance alert software giving early warning to our compliance personnel regarding contractor health and safety re-certification.
  3. Contractors’ travel and accommodation
    CRC can organise travel and accommodation for contractors as required.
  4. Starter induction information
    A Starter Induction Pack includes a Health & Safety Policy, work practices, reporting structures, site / location specific requirements and key contact details. As a minimum requirement, all new starters will be checked in within 1 hour of an assignment commencing. Whenever possible the account manager or designated co-ordinator will conduct on-site check-ins and assist site staff to induct CRC contractors.
  5. Management of training courses and alcohol & drugs testing. 

    CRC can facilitate training of staff and arrange to undertake, when necessary, medicals, pre-employment Drug & Alcohol screening and safety training.

  6. Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

    CRC will ensure that each contractor will have the minimum PPE requirements. CRC also helps to ensure PPE is complete and correctly worn throughout the assignment.

  7. Response performance. 

    CRC responds to requirements within 2 hours or earlier. Through regular reporting and scheduled management meetings, performance can be measured against agreed service level agreements and Key Performance Indicators and practices adjusted if necessary.

  8. Specific recruitment process

    Candidates who pass our rigorous screening process will be presented along with verified copies of identity documents, qualifications, proof of training and relevant certificates. A bespoke ‘candidate form’ will be created, which will include all the candidate’s details and the specific position they are being put forward for.

  9. Review meetings

    Our account managers will attend regular scheduled meetings to ensure the quality of the contractors is to a high standard. As part of our quality control policy, any issues raised will be reviewed by the CRC operations director.

  10. Insurance and accreditation

    CRC has insurance cover for Employers’ Liability of £10 million and Public / Product Liability for £5 million. CRC operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001.


Job vacancies we are recruiting for cover the following:

Civil Engineering

Facades and Building Envelope

Access and Scaffolding

Engineering and technical staff

General trades and labour